Getting Started

PocketQuiver Rendered board
PocketQuiver Overview

This tutorial takes you through the basics of making a board in PocketQuiver; Importing a cad file, adding details, creating a design then exporting your finished product.

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the PocketQuiver Dashboard
Step 1. Create and manage your boards and account

Learn how to manage your boards and account in the PocketQuiver dashboard

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The PocketQuiver Board Details Page
Step 2. Add Cad files and board details

How to add cad files and details to a board in the PocketQuiver board details page.

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PocketQuiver board designer top and bottom view
Step 3. Design a board

Learn the basics of adding graphics to a new board using the PocketQuiver board designer.

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PocketQuiver board webpage
Step 4. Export your work

Share your boards with the world!

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PocketQuiver Board Template manager
Board Templates!

Use board templates to speed up your workflow.
Learn how to use, create and save your designs to use on multiple boards.

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Working with Layers

Fin box render
Fin boxes

All you need to know about creating fin box configurations.

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Custom layer image
Custom Layers

Use a custom layer when you need more precise control than the PocketQuiver program provides.

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Exporting your work

PocketQuiver board webpage
Export overview

The basics of exporting your boards.

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augmented reality example
Adding 3D and Augmented Reality boards to your website.

Learn how to download 3D files and add them to your website.
This tutorial requires some basic html and css coding knowledge.

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