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3D Models

Create 3D models of your boards in minutes.

View your models in augmented reality on supported devices.

Lifelike Images

Create lifelike imagery directly from an AkuShaper or Shape3D file without any coding or design skills.

Show off your board in a realistic setting with multiple camera angles and floor options available.

Download clearcut board images, and stop wasting time and money building a board, photographing it, then clearcutting it.

Ready-made composite views display the top, bottom and side view of a board in one image.


Streamline custom orders by emailing customers a breakdown of their proposed board.

Speed up prototyping by making your design digitally before you commit to production.


Website Content: Create ready-made content such as clearcut images, 3D models, board outlines and more to use on your website.

Social Media: Export your boards directly to Facebook with Instagram coming soon.


Add board images to your spec sheets to eliminate production errors.

It's as easy as...

1.Upload a board file

Upload an AkuShaper or Shape 3D file, or use one of our sample boards.

2.Create your design

Add ready-made content from our libraries, add sprays and upload images.


Share your work in seconds via email, social media or download to your computer.

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