The Board Designer

Where you create the look of your board

New skin

Before you start

You need to open or create a board in the Board Manager

In this lesson

  1. Accessing the Board Designer
  2. Basic controls
  3. Working with layers
  4. Layer properties

Accessing the Board Designer

To access the Board Designer and create the look of your board, you need to create (or edit) a skin.

Learn more about creating and editing skins.

Basic Controls

Page Settings

Find page settings in the Layers panelBoard Details

  1. Set board gloss settings using the slider.
  2. View board dimensions. Length is measured over the curve of the bottom of a board.
  3. Unit Display: Toggle units to display metric or imperial. You can set default units in your account manager.
  4. Board Preview: Toggle between 3d preview and top/bottom views. While in 3D view, you can only edit layers using the properties panel.

Skin Controls

Load Template

Loads an existing template into the active skin.  Add to skin keeps any existing layer elements, while replace skin content removes any existing layers.
Learn more about board templates.

Templates are previously saved skins that contain a collection of layer elements you can load into other skins. Layer elements loaded from a template will move proportionately to the new boards' dimensions.

Switch to Skin

Switch to skin switches to another existing skin from the same board.


Save will save your skin. It is good practice to regularly save your work. The dropdown gives two extra save types: Save as new skin creates a duplicate copy of your existing skin. Save as template creates a new template that you can reuse on other boards.
Learn more about board templates.

Working with Layers

To add content, you need to add layers. Layers act like sheets of transparent film placed on top of one another. To add a layer:

  1. Click the add layer button at the top of the Layers panel.
  2. Select a layer type from the dopdown list. Learn more about layer types.

Reordering Layers

To reorder a layer to another position in the stack:

  1. Click on the layer icon to the left of the layer name
  2. Drag it to your desired position in the stack.

Objects on a higher layer of the stack will display over an object on a lower layer.

Layer Visibility

Toggle the visibility of a layer by clicking on the eye icon next to the layer name in the Layers panel.

Deleting and Duplicating Layers

To delete or duplicate a layer:

  1. Click the three dots icon on the right side of the layer in the layers panel.
  2. Select either delete or duplicate.

Layer Properties

Layer properties display in the properties panel when a layer is active (selected in the layers panel) and is located on the right side of the designer.
Learn more about layer types.

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