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In this lesson:

  1. Board Manager
  2. Board Template Manager
  3. Brand Manager
  4. Account Manager

The Board Manager

Find the Board Manager in Dashboard > Boards

The Board Manager is where you add and organise your boards.
Boards in the Board Manager are organised into two tabs if you use the free version or three tabs if you have a paid version.

Board Tabs

  1. Sample boards are preloaded boards, handy if you want to create a design but don't have any cad files.
    You can turn off the sample boards by going to My Account > My Details > uncheck the 'show sample boards' checkbox.
  2. Use custom boards to link a customer and add their details to a board.  
    A new board is a custom board by default and, when saved, will appear in this tab.
  3. Use board models to display a range of board sizes.
    Learn more about adding file variants.

Board Template Manager

Find the Template Manager in Dashboard > Templates

The Template Manager allows you to reorder, rename and delete templates.

Templates are previously saved skins that contain a collection of layer elements you can load into other skins. Layer elements loaded from a template will move proportionately to the new boards' dimensions.

Creating Templates

New templates are created in the Board Design page. Learn more about creating board templates.

Brand Manager

Find the brand manager in Dashboard > Brands

Your brand is displayed when you export a board. You can add, edit and delete brands in the Brand Manager.
Learn how to attach a brand to a board.

Png, svg, gif and jpeg filetypes are all accepted.
Note that jpeg images are generally not suitable as they do not include transparency.

Account Manager

Find the account manager in Dashboard > My Account

My details

Use My Details to edit your personal and company details.

Username changes will create a new user in the forum, resulting in a loss of any existing forum data.

Usage and Plan
  1. Check your usage including remaining boards, renders, brands and storage. Learn more about usage limits.
  2. Check and change your current plan.
Change Password

Your password needs to contain a minimum of 8 characters. Make sure to avoid common passwords.

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